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Week 4 Aesthetics, Design & Branding

User-Friendly Websites The fact that they have a video of a stylist cutting hair is mesmerizing. I think that was a great experience and it brought memories of the last time I received a haircut. It sparked emotion in me, so they succeeded in that regard. 
Their branding is cohesive, and the flow of colors are natural on the eyes. They have a good selection of fonts, and they are easy to read. The size and contrast blend well too. Overall it simple to find any information that a potential customer may need.
Only thing I would change is on the services page, the chair could be changed to displaying nails. It's listed in the services menu, but it would go well with the other icons that represent services. The National Park Service has enough information on their home page to keep you interested but not overwhelmed. The website content is appealing for families and every member of it. They have information in Spanish too which dem…

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