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Wrapping it up

Social Media EvolutionIn this semester, I have explored MailChimp, which I had always wanted to do but didn't find the time to do so. I had heard about Hootsuite via Instagram ads, and I was reluctant to use it, but I am glad that it was a requirement to explore because this is a tool that I will be using for my business to dominate my social media. I didn't post as much this semester on my social media because I was focusing on my classes and assignments. I wasn't posting as I had planned during the winter break, which is when I grew the most. I learned how to use Facebook scheduled posts which I was ignorant to. There are so many great tools on Facebook that did positively help my business with customer interaction.
Growth and StagnationI only use Instagram and Facebook for my store. I have been at a steady 756 - 768 in followers on Instagram. I have an average of 44 likes on each image and less than 7 comments on each. I think this is due to my lack of interaction with m…

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